The site Callidus Capital Litigation was organized by a guarantor of the Callidus borrower Alken Basin Drilling LTD.

The site contains Claims between Callidus and several borrowers as well as news articles relating to Callidus Capital Corporation and Catalyst Capital Group, Callidus' parent company and their controlling mind Newton Glassman.

Glassman has ties to Catalyst admittedly engaging a contractor to conduct a sting on a retired Ontario Judge in hopes of influencing an active Canadian case which was before the Ontario Courts. The final outcome of that case may be found at

I Kevin Baumann believe that Alken’s loan with Callidus Capital Corporation was a loan to own strategy driven by Glassman’s yield enhancement business brainchild. Myself and Alken were subjected to deception, fraud and oppression before and throughout the loan period. Alken was not allowed to repay its loan and experienced nothing but default by design. To date in excess of 1.8 million has been expended litigating Callidus and its representative’s relating to the alleged Alken loan.

One of the early guarantee attempts to go to trial was Callidus Capital Corporation vs ESCO Marine  et AL, a borrower referred to on the site as ESCO. On March 31, 2017 the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas Brownsville Division rendered a decision.

The result contained fraudulent inducement and breach of contract findings against Callidus Capital Corporation.

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Affidavit of Christie Blatchford

Endorsement of 200 Million Dollar Claim by Kevin Baumann / Alken Basin Drilling Ltd vs Callidus

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Baumann v Callidus Capital Corporation, 2019 ABQB 281

Appeal Court Upholds Dismissal of Abusive

Catalyst Lawsuit

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Appeal Court Upholds Dismissal of Abusive Catalyst Lawsuit-2019-05-02

Callidus Accused of Driving Casino Game Developer Bluberi into Insolvency

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2018-12-23 Callidus Accused of Driving Casino Game Developer Bluberi into Insolvency

National Post Exclusive:

The Judge, The Sting, Black Cube and Me

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2017-11-27 The Judge, The Sting, Black Cube and Me

Kevin Baumann's Counter Claim Against Callidus Capital, Scott Sinclair, Altair Water and Drilling Services Ltd and Sinclair Range Inc.

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Bluberi Lawsuit Motion c Callidus, Catalyst, Glassman, Reese and Riley

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2018-12-18 Bluberi Lawsuit Motion c Callidus-Catalyst- Glassman-Reese-Ri...

Newton Glassman Legacy of Ashes

Below is the article "Newton Glassman Legacy of Ashes"  with corresponding PDF documents from within the main article.

Main Article with Exhibit Numbers "Newton Glassman Legacy of Ashes"

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1. National Post  2. Harvey Weinstein 3. ruled against 4. claiming 5. saying 6. institutional investors 7. appeal 8. reimburse 9. another Catalyst 10. Investor Presentation 11. Extremely Material (Image) 12.  listed 13. unrealized gain 14. argued 15. court filing 16. Black Cube 17. PSY Group Inc 18. planted 19. Greg Boland 20. West Face's CEO 21. claimed 22. Wolfpack Corruption 23. court filing 24. elaborated in a courtbrief 25. court filing 26. exited 27. book value 28. tangible book value 29. intangible 30. CA$31 Million 31. suit 32. recent 33. Bloomberg 34. profile 35. noted 36. promised 37. prospectus Page 1 -3037. prospectus Page 31-6037. prospectus Page 61-9037. prospectus Page 91-12037. prospectus Page 121-152 38. claimed 39. boasted 40. annual report 41. $247.3 million 42. $217.4 million 43. press release 44. glowing 45. awarded 46. per a CNBC report 47. disclosure 48. management discussion and analysis 49. sued 50. counterclaim 51. Mr Boyers War 52. sued 53. counterclaim 54. sanction 55. legal brief56. described 57. filing 58. disclosed 59. $27.5 Million 60. IPO filing Page 1 -30 60. IPO filing Page 31-60 60. IPO filing Page 61-90 60. IPO filing Page 91-120 60. IPO filing Page 121-152 61. 2014 Annual report (Callidus) 62. $60.18 Million 63. $101.3 Million 64. learned 65. annual meeting 66. EBITDA 67. daydreams 68. Cole Kepro International 69. Ernst & Young 70. negative equity 71. results for fiscal 2016 72. taken over 73. CA$110.7 Million 74. disclosed 75. prospectus- 1-30 75. prospectus- 31-60 75. prospectus- 61-90 75. prospectus- 91-120 75. prospectus- 121-150 75. prospectus- 151-180 75. prospectus- 181-210 75. prospectus- 211-224 76. awarded 77. license 78. Class II 79. June 30 2017 filing 80. Sept. 30 2017 filing 81. management discussion and analysis 82. equal to or greater than 83. ample disclosures 84. $41.5 Million 85. personal guarantee 86. Management's Discussion and Analysis 87. more than adequate 88. Court Filing 89. credit bid 90. $3.2 Million 91. few brief lines 92. bankruptcy protection 93. CA$55 Million 94. sea lice infestation 95. CA$22.7 Million 96. CA$12 Million 97. CA$15 Million 98. management's discussion and analysis 99. loans 100. marked down 101. 16.4 percent 102. Moody's Investor Services 103. B2 104. completed 105. standard 106. consent fee 107. prospectus 108. aborted 109. lost 110. rosy assertions 111. $290 Million 112. Phase 3 Trial 113. large established competitors 114. crowded 115. reported 116. stopped representing 117. all-time lows 118. Litigating with Catalyst Capital 119. Callidus Capital Litigation 120. submitted 121. questions 122. email 123. letter 124. claimed 125. Livesey 126. court filings 127. SIRF 128. Roddy Boyd


Newton Glassman and Other People's Money

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2018-11-27 Newton Glassman and Other People's Money

Globe and Mail - Catalyst Seeks Cash Injection for Fund

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2018-08-19 Catalyst Seeks Cash Injection for Fund

Ontario Securities Commission

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Ontario Securities Commission Regulation Changes

Callidus Capital & Craig Boyer (former VP of Callidus Capital Corporation)

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Court File Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Callidus Boyer Article

Boyer v Callidus - Statement of Claim

Mr. Boyer's War


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2018-10-30 Factum Counterclaim by Richard George Molyneux

Bluberi Gaming Technologies, Bluberi Group Inc., Bluberi USA & Callidus Capital Corporation, Ernst &Young

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2015-11-11 Bluberi Petition Issuance Initial Order

2015-11-12 Bluberi Initial Order

2015-11-16 Contestation of Callidus

2015-11-18 Judgement Restated Initial Order

2015-12-11 Motion Extension and Appoint CRO

2015-12-15 Order for Appointment CRO

2015-12-15 Order for Extension Stay

2016-01-28 Order Approving Sale Process (SSP)

2016-01-28 Order Restated Initial Order

2016-03-24 Motion for Extension of Stay

2016-03-30 Order for Extension of Stay

2016-03-31 Callidus Motion to Lift the Stay

2016-04-07 Callidus Motion to Lift the Stay

2016-04-27 Motion for Extension of Stay

2016-05-03 Callidus DW Gaming Report to Support Receivership Exh.R-10 to...

2016-05-03 Callidus Motion Appoint Receiver

2016-05-03 Callidus Richter Receivership Memorandum Appendix.B

2016-05-03 Callidus Richter Report on Restructuring Exb.B2

2016-05-03 Motion Appoint Receiver Exh R-1 to R-9

2016-05-03 Motion Appoint Receiver Exh R-10 to R-12

2016-05-03 Motion Appoint Receiver Exh R-13 to R-16

2016-05-04 Order for Extension of Stay

2016-05-25 Application Extension of Stay

2016-05-30 BB Contest.Séquestre Intérimaire

2016-05-31 Blu. Fedman Gaming Report on Receivership Piece B-12

2016-07-13 Callidus Notice of Appeal

2016-07-13 Court of Appeal ( Callidus Leave to appeal )

2016-08-12 Court of Appeal Judgment

2016-08-17 Court of Appeal Corrected Judgment

2017-02-13 Blu. Application for Extention of Stay

2017-02-15 Order for Extension of the Stay Period

2017-05-09 Application issuance extending stay of proceeding -

2017-05-25 Judgment Order for Extension of Stay Period

2017-09-11 BLlu .Motion for a Stay Extension


2018-02-06 Motion DIP Financing

2018-03-16 Extracts Judg.DIP

2018-03-16 Judgment .DIP Financing

2018-03-16 Quebec Superior Court Judges Decision Regarding Potential $200,000,000 Claim Against Callidus by Bluberi

2018-04-20 Court Appeal Judg.autorizing an Appeal

2018-06-29 Respondents_ Memorandum (without the annexes)

2018-06-29 Bentham Factum Court Appeal


Callidus Capital & Gary Smith, Fortress Resources

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28 Brief of Appellant

2018-03-28 Amended Statement of Defence and Counterclaim

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